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What is Like Magic Video App? – Complete Guide in 2020

What is Like App?

In 2019, the video making and editing stuff have reached a whole new level! There have been several apps that have changed the way people share video content. Here’s another app that has done the same.

Like app is a video creation and editing app that allows you to create music videos of your own and post them to the world. It is similar to other video streaming apps like Tik-Tok.

You can add a lot of custom effects to the videos to make them attractive and add a unique touch!

The app was launched in August of 2017 and it is developed by BIGO Technology PTE Ltd.

How many languages does the Like App run in?

The Like app comes with a vast language capability. As of 2019, the Like app is available in 23 Languages on both the iOS and Android app stores.

  • List of languages:
    English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Filipino, Indonesia, 日本の, 한국의, Malay, Português, Pусский, Español, ไทย, Türk dili, Tiếng việt, 简体中文, 繁體中

The main audience interest of Like app is from India. Hence, the team is geared towards making the app more related to the Indians.

Here’s what the spokesperson Mr. Aaron Wei quoted about India,

With India being the youngest nation of this world where the youth is so much in love with dance, music and colors, LIKE intends to create a community of common people who find happiness in entertainment and socializing.”

He further added that “currently LIKE is focusing on building an entertaining online community for the talented users. We aim to become the biggest online video community in India where youths can create amazing and inspiring content.

There are many features that the Like app offers. From 3-D effects in videos to clicking selfies with beauty effects, let us discuss one by one.

Features of Like app:

So as the team officially says in their own description of the app, it has these features available for the users:

Special effects: The Like app offers more than 300+ special effects that you can use in your video creation.

As the website says, Sci-Fi 3D Magic effects can easily produce visuals like vanishing and reappearing, zooming or flying out of the frame.

Rendering effects without even being present in the frame and many more.

These effects boost the entertainment quotient of the video editing experience as well as becomes a visual delight for the viewers. This is the reason that several celebrities are using it actively to one-up their image of a performer.

Not only this, the app users are being given the opportunity to dance or perform to meet their creative challenges on the app.

Examples of such effects are: Superpower, Flying, Time-travel, Lilliput etc.

What are Sci-fi effects?

Sci-fi is short for science fiction. These effects are based on imaginary scientific advances and predictions about the future.

Unique Music Magic filter: The recognition of music rhythm, is shown according to the change of tone, intonation and volume.

Using this filter, you can mix music and magic effect together smoothly.

Acting & Lip-sync: Like app gives you a feature of acting in a video. You can act on a dialogue of a movie played in the background. It has a vast library of dialogues of the movies.

4-D magic around the world:

The body edge recognition function gives you different effects such as Rocket, Pass-Through.

What’s more, you can switch into different scene smoothly with more than 20 kinds of appear and disappear effect.

Magic Touch feature: Over 50 funny magic effects including Heart, Fire, Rain, work smoothly and make your videos completely perfect!

Face Stickers: Cute, beautiful, cool, ugly, magical, elegant, funny, etc. No matter what kind of style you want, you can get it with LIKE face stickers in 1 second.

Bloom, My Heart, Spit Fire and so on funny dynamic stickers can make your selfie attractive.

Magic Live: The world’s first Magic Live can give you a brand-new magical experience! With enriched fans interaction functions, you can prank or beautify the Live vlogger as your wish. There are more gift option for you to stand out from the crowd.

Other cool effect features:

Boom effects: Exciting Boom effects enable you to make videos just like in Hollywood War movies! You will be the superhero in 1 second the moment you use the Boom effects!

Mix Effects: Mix effects including Soul-stuff, Blurred lines, Heartbeat better than Special effects movies are coming!

The moment you use the Mix effects, your video becomes powerful eye-shocking! With the Mix effects, you can make videos faster and better!

AI beauty filters: Smart Beauty functions together with various filters automatically makes you perfect in the video!


Like App is a great way to start creating your own social presence. This is a new platform and it has more potential and chances for you to grow and reach 1 million followers easily if you remain consistent.

Like App is promoting itself through various YouTube channels including BBKiVines and Ashish Chanclani. So, get up and start making your own Like App videos!

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