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How To Get Verified On Like Magic Video App?

After Instagram, there is a huge hype created by video editing apps.

Every enthusiast who posts videos on these apps wants to get verified on these apps.

Getting verified increases your authenticity on a platform and helps you gain exposure as well! Plus, including the pride of boasting about it in your friend circle.

This post is a complete step by step guide on how you can get a verification badge on the Like app with these easy steps.

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What does verification badge mean actually?

A verification badge is a ”tick” or a ”check” which appears next to your Like App username. It confirms that you’re authentic and your profile is originally representing you.

Also, it becomes easier for your audience to find you!

Two Types Of Badges

There are two types of verification badges offered by the Like App.

1. Individual Verification

This is used for individual people who are public figures, famous internet stars, Industry experts, reviewers, doctors, Youtubers, etc.

The color of this badge is yellow.

Here’s a photo of it.

2. Organization Badge

These badges are given to a group of different people working together. The businesses, institutions, media agencies, companies, charities, etc.

The color of this Badge is blue.

Here’s a photo of it.

How To Apply For Individual Verification Badge?

It is really easy to apply for an individual verification badge.

  • Open Like the app and log into your account.
  • Go to your profile at the left top of the screen.
  • Scroll down and you will get the ”Verification application” option. Tap on it.
  • Fill in all the conditions and you will be eligible for verification.

So, what are those conditions?

  1. Complete personal information:- You need to enter your name, Gender, Career, Education and other personal information.
  2. Next, you need to link your mobile number with your Like app account.
  3. You must have at least 3 original videos published already before applying.
  4. You should have over 10k followers on Like or any other social platform.

How To Apply For Organization Badge?

If you’re a company or an organization seeking verification, there’s a different way to do so.

You need to contact the Like team personally at an email and ask them for verification.

By doing so, they will review your application and start their process of verification.

How to increase your chances to get verified?

Getting a verification badge requires you to have a great fan base and your videos should be highly liked.

If your videos are featured in the popular section for a handful number of hashtags, you have a great chance of getting a verification badge.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can get verified on Like app:

Look up the “Popular” section– All the videos which have been liked a lot are put in the popular section.

Observe how these videos are being made. Find out which topics are in the trend, and make videos around them.

See how long these videos are and try to make your videos around that length.

I mean you get the point. If you look at the popular videos, you’ll find some patterns that make them reach more and more people.

Try to bring that factor into your videos!

Stop fooling the community- Some people copy popular videos of others and re-upload them to their own account to get views. This is a wrong practice.

What you want to do is to bring your original videos on your profile. Like app team notices if you’re doing these tricks with them.

Like app team appreciates your authenticity if your videos are not perfect. Don’t worry, just be original in your videos.

So, stop fooling the community!

Entertain people uniquely- The purpose of the Like app community is to entertain each other. So, explore your talents and showcase them.

Try to bring it in an entertaining way. This way, you will have more fans.

Choose the right hashtags-

Hashtags play a vital role in taking your videos to a lot of audiences.

One thing to notice is that you should not use too many hashtags in your videos. That makes it look spammy.

Only use hashtags that are related to your content. Use 4-7 relevant hashtags.

There would be certain hashtags that will be trending at the moment. Find those hashtags and put them in your videos.

One little advice that I’d like to share with you is that avoid using over-saturated hashtags. These hashtags are the ones that have been used for a lot more time than they should’ve been.

These hashtags don’t provide good engagement.

Make Quality Content-

The videos you post should be quality rich. If your videos stand out, they will get featured and will earn you a good number of fans. There are some tips that you’d like related to this.

  1. Use a tripod stand for stillness in your videos. When your videos shake in-between, the quality of the videos reduce. Hence, buy a tripod stand if you want to.
  2. Use a really good camera to make your videos. The phone cameras’ inexpensive mobile phones are well enough to make awesome videos. But if you are serious enough, you can invest in a good camera.
  3. Make vertical videos only. As, Like app users scroll down vertically, it is easier for the users to watch your videos and move to the next one.

Have A Fixed Schedule- Your post frequency plays a good role in the evaluation of your profile for verification. Furthermore, it signals your interest in the community.

If you’re posting on a consistent basis, you have a great chance of being viral. Make a plan and stick to it. Whether you choose to post daily or 2 times a week, stay consistent.

Engage With Famous People- Your aim should be to engage with people who have more fans than you. You can learn from them how they think about making videos.

You can request them to mention your username in their videos. If they’re kind enough, they will give you the shoutout.

This can give a huge boost to your fan base as you will be visible to their fans. They can discover you, see your work and may follow you.

Two More..

Get Publicity For Your Brand- On Instagram, getting press for your brand means reaching out to people to be noticed. This increases your exposure and increases your credibility among people.

On Like app, you can get ask out the media channels to give you attention.

Find out which brands are very popular in your niche and go to them for publicity.

It may cost some money but will result in exponential growth for your account.

There are many entertainment media agencies and channels that are in the business of making brands and public figures famous.

Link to your other social platforms- Like team measures your followers on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, WeChat, VK, Weibo, QQ and others.

It is a great parameter to classify you as a reputable brand or personality. This seems legit because they can not give the badge to someone whom nobody knows.

Therefore, If you have a loyal following on any other platform, you can link that account with the Like account to help the team to verify you.

I’ve done some research over this and found out that if you don’t have a massive following on Like app but you’re known on other platforms, you will get the verification badge.

For example, if you are verified on Youtube or have a great following over there, you’ll be verified on the Like app when you make your profile.

An additional benefit of linking your account is that it enhances your security. It protects you in case someone tries to interfere in your account.

Why is the verification badge important?

Protects you from copycats- The amazing benefit of a verified profile is that you’re free from people copying your name.

Often, some dudes make accounts in the name of the famous people to gain attention and later on rename it to their name.

Hence, others can not steal your content if you’re verified.

Differentiates you from fan pages- If you’re a public figure or a celebrity, you’ll have fan pages with the same name as yours ( or with some modifications). This would confuse your audience.

Hence, when they see that tick ✅ on your profile, they will identify you without any confusion.

Increase in brand value- Whether you’re a company or a public figure, a verification badge is a big deal as it separates you from a million other profiles.

It’s a fact that people tend to follow you more likely if they see that “check” next to your name.

Furthermore, your fans see trust and brand power in you.

Get business- You know how influential people and public figures earn on social platforms?

The simple answer is that they promote other businesses.

Let me give you some examples-

A headphones brand “Mivi digital” used the youtube channel of famous Indian Youtubers like BB ki vines and Carryminati to promote their products.

In no time, they got big brand awareness and eventually more sales!

Now you get some idea.

If you’re followed by an audience and are verified, you have the power to endorse the products and services of other companies related to your content.

In the process, you’re paid 💰

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Hey, great post! You started off with explaining what verification actually means. How do you get paid when you are verified?

Hey reader, thanks for reading the post. Well, there are many ways in which you can paid if you’re verified.

1. You can advertise products on your profile.
2. Companies look for real people who are famous when they look for sponsors for their products.
3. You can be affiliate for someone.

Mera account band ho gaya hai ab mai usko dubara login ker raha hun to login nahi ho raha hai ak batye mai kya kru mera likee app account Kayseri chalu hoga please help me

My likee id132830181 is not long in
Suggestions Your account has been blocked to counter the guidelines of our community. Please likeevip @ likee for additional information. Contact on video. Confirm
please help me.

Sir Ne Meri like ID ko band kyu kar diya hai main to Gayi Galti bhi nahi Dali Fir Bhi Meri id ko band kyo Kiya please sir Mein like ID ko chalu kar dijiye please please please sir

Thanks for you comment! I know it’s really great application which will soon be going to very popular.
Stay tuned with us to get more articles like this!

Mera Khata Band Ho Gaya Hai Main Usko Dobara chalu karna chahta hun per vah chalu Nahin ho raha hai to kripya Karke Meri madad Karen Ki Main chalu Kaise karun

Mere 10000 se bhi jyada fans Ho chuke hain aur meri age 19 hai meri koi bhi video viral nahin Hui jabki ki meri sari original videos hai main ne verification application form bhi fill kiya h lekin official account nahin mila application form application form under review 7 working days bata raha hai lekin 7 days se bhi zyada Ho chuke hain sir please help me sir

Hi Ruparam,

Have you tried contacting the Like App customer service? If not, check out my post on how to delete like app account, and while mentioning “delete my account”, ask them that you have 1000 followers and still no live option. I hope it helps.


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