Why is Search Unavailable on TikTok? – Quick Fix!

Hello everyone, Social Media Fellow is back with another interesting answer for an interesting question which is, Why is Search unavailable on TikTok? My users including myself sometime face issues like TikTok search currently unavailable or TikTok failed to play.

But, here is the quick fix for the problem “Why is search unavailable on TikTok?”

This error can pop-up due to some network issues. The most common issue can be if you are using a VPN or Proxy. Make sure to turn it off as this can cause difficulties for TikTok to connect with their serves. Another thing worth notice is to make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

If you still are getting this error, we have to do some advance adjustments. Let’s look into them.

  • If you are using an Android phone, go to Settings > Applications > TikTok > Manage Data > Clear Cache. This will clear all the cache of the application.
  • For iOS users, you have to delete the application and reinstall it through AppStore.

After following all these suggestions, I am pretty sure that the TikTok search unavailable error will be resolved.

There are some more user’s concerns related to TikTok such as TikTok application not playing videos or TikTok network error on iPhone. So, I am going to answer them all one by one.

“TikTok App Failed to Play” Error

This is a very common error which most of the users have mentioned. The quick fix for this problem is to change of connection. If you are using mobile data, consider connecting to a nearby WiFi.

If the error is still not resolved, you should remove the cache or clear data if you are using Android. If you are using an iPhone, uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

Why TikTok is not working?

This is a really common issue users face while using the TikTok application. The real and the main reason behind this is an unstable internet connection.

Here are some of the suggestions you can follow in order to fix this issue:

  • Make sure to give enough permission to the TikTok app to operate.
  • Try connecting to WiFi if using mobile data.
  • Restarting your device.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the TikTok application.

These are some of the general solutions to fix the problem. Sometimes there can be issues on the other side too. Probably TikTok is down or something.

So, in order to check if TikTok is down or not, here is what you have to do.

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TikTok not working on iPhone/iPad

Various iPhone users faced this issue in recent times. The common issue to this problem can be a software glitch.

Go and reboot your iPhone. If the error still persists, uninstall the application from the iPhone or iPad. If you are using an old version of iOS, update it to the latest version.

Is TikTok Down Today or right now?

To check that, head straight to On the website, you will see the live status of the application’s servers. If you are facing such issues like TikTok not working or playing any video, you will see something like this on the webpage:

why is search unavailable on TikTok?

As you can see, other users have also reported the problems they are facing with TikTok. So, if you see this, don’t bother to uninstall the application. It will automatically be fixed from the TikTok’s side pretty soon.

That’s all for this blog post. If you have any questions in mind or TikTok is still not working, COMMENT DOWN BELOW. I will reply within 24 hours.


Save/Download TikTok Video Without Watermark on iPhone

Hello everyone! Social Media Fellow is back with another solution to your problem. While using TikTok yesterday, I really liked one video and tried to download it using some software. But I wasn’t able to download them without a watermark.

So, let’s talk about how to save a TikTok Video without a watermark on iPhone?

The solution is very simple. We need a watermark removal tool for your phone. The application is called “Video Downloader for Social Media – No Watermark” which is available on the Play Store. This application helps to save TikTok videos without a watermark.

That was the quick answer. Down there, I have explained it with steps and pictured to help easier to follow and understand.

Steps-By-Step: Save a TikTok video without Watermark on Android

  • Download the application through this link.
  • Copy the link of the video you want to download. For that, open TikTok and select the video. Click on the share icon and then select “Copy Link”.
  • Go to Video Downloader for Social Media application and click on the “Paste link and download.
  • Paste the link to the field and click on “Download’. That’s it!

Not even you can download and save TikTok videos, you can even save WhatsApp status. But why do we need to download third-party software for that? What are the benefits of downloading a TikTok without a watermark? Let’s explore more questions and answer them.

How to Save or Download TikTok Videos on iPhone?

Now the iPhone users don’t have Play store. In order to download TikTok videos on the iPhone, you have to follow these simple steps and you will be good to go.

  1. Copy the link of the video you want to download. For that, open TikTok and select the video. Click on the share icon and then select “Copy Link”.
  2. Go to in Safari or Chrome and paste the link of the TikTok video you want to save.
  3. It will open a new page and you can see options to download the video as MP4 & MP3.
  4. Hit “Download with MP4” and download will start automatically.

Note: Make sure to use Safari Browser

Method #2 :Download TikTok videos without watermark iPhone

In order to download TikTok videos on iPhone without watermark, the steps are simple. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Copy the link of the video you want to download. For that, open Tiktok and select the video. Click on the share icon and then select “Copy Link”.
  2. Go to in Safari or Chrome and paste the link of the TikTok video you want to save.
  3. Make sure “Video with Watermark” is unticked. then Click on the Download video button under the URL bar.
  4. It will open a new page and you can see options to download the video as MP4 & MP3.
  5. Hit “Download with MP4” and download will start automatically.
  6. The downloaded video will be without a watermark.

Many users asked me about the APK to install on their Android device with which they can download the TikTok videos without watermark. I have decided to upload the APK so that everyone using Android can download it.

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TikTok Video Downloader without watermark APK

  1. Go to this link Apkfollow.
  2. Click on the green button saying “Download APK”.
  3. After that, your download will start automatically.
  4. Open downloads and click on the APK and hit “Install”

You will successfully install the TikTok video downloader APK on your Android phone if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

Downloading TikTok videos are really helpful to enjoy all your favourite videos without the internet connection. Whether you are travelling or in the area where you don’t have access to Wifi, you can watch all the videos you have downloaded.

Another good thing about storing TikTok clips is to share it without sharing the username of the person making it. You can share it or Repost it on TikTok because it will not be having TikTok sticker on it.

General FAQ

Can we download TikTok Videos?

Yes, we can download TikTok videos. I have explained all the steps to download and Save TikTok videos on Android and iPhone. You can also do it through your browser online.

How to remove TikTok sticker from videos?

Yes, you can save the TikTok videos without watermark or any stickers. All the mentioned steps in this blog post will let you download all the videos without watermark.


[2020] Change the Username on TikTok before 30 days

Many users requested me to answer how to change the TikTok username before 30 days or without waiting for 30 days? I have a solution for you.

In order to change TikTok username before 30 days or without waiting for 30 days:

  1. Unlock the phone and go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down and tap “System”. This option is available at the bottom of the settings page. “On Samsung phones, you have to go to General Management instead.”
  3. Tap on the “Date and Time” option.
  4. Disable “Automatic Date and Time” option.
  5. Tap on “Set Date” and it will pop up a calendar.
  6. Just select any date but make sure it is 30 days further from the present date.
  7. Click on “Done” or “Save”.
  8. Now go back to TikTok app and follow the above-mentioned steps to change your username.

Username is an essential part of someone’s social profile. Whether you need to share your social media profile or someone searches you, the username is the only option to find out the profile.

Many people tend to customize their usernames by adding their personal touch. I personally like having a personalized username and I like to add @ at the end of my usernames.

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How to change the username on TikTok before 30 days?

TikTok only allows the users to change their username once in 30 days. But any users including me change their username a lot. So, many of my readers requested me to answer this question. So, I have listed all the steps that are needed to perform this action.

Change TikTok username on iPhone before 30 days

  • Unlock your phone and go to “Settings”.
  • Then tap on “General” and then open “Date and Time”.
  • Now you need to change the time of your phone. But before that, you need to turn off the “Automatically Adjust” option.
  • Choose any date but make sure it is 30 days further from the present date.
  • Now follow the above-mentioned steps to change your username and that’s it.

Change the TikTok username on Android Device before 30 days

  1. Unlock the phone and go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down and tap “System”. This option is available at the bottom of the settings page. “On Samsung phones, you have to go to General Management instead.”
  3. Tap on the “Date and Time” option.
  4. Disable “Automatic Date and Time” option.
  5. Tap on “Set Date” and it will pop up a calendar.
  6. Just select any date but make sure it is 30 days further from the present date.
  7. Click on “Done” or “Save”.
  8. Now go back to TikTok app and follow the above-mentioned steps to change your username.

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How to Change the username on TikTok App?

Changing the username on TikTok is quite easy. You just have to follow some simple steps and I have listed all the steps in a specific order, start from the top.

  1. Open the TikTok application and click on the Profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Look for a button “Edit Profile”.
  3. Tab on the “username” field and delete your old username.
  4. After entering the desired username, click on”Save”
  5. If your username is valid and available, you will get a notification that it is successfully changed.

That’s all. I hope after following all the steps carefully, you have a new username now even it’s not 30 days yet. Now if we are talking about usernames, let’s find out what your TikTok username should be.

What should your TikTok username be?

Hmm, that’s a good question. Many TikTok users always look towards having a really attractive and different username which is easy to remember and looks cool.

But some of them spend countless hours just to decided a good username. Are you worried about what should be your TikTok username? If yes, then I have a great way to get the best of the best username you can have for your profile.

Check out This website has a database of usernames you can choose from. You can even rate the username and can add your own suggestions to help others decide.

Also, this website has some of the popular TikTok usernames to help you get a good idea. I hope this will be helpful to you.

General FAQ

How do I find my TikTok user ID?

Answer: Tap on the bottom right corner of your screen and click on “Edit Profile”. You will see your user ID (aka username) under the username field.

How many times I can change my TikTok username?

Answer: According to TikTok rules, you can only change your username once in 30 days. But if you really want to change it within the restriction period, follow the method that is described in the article.

Can I have someone else’s username as my TikTok username?

Answer: Username is a unique and distinguishing feature of every account. If someone is already using the username you are thinking to use, it will not be possible to have exactly the same username. Better change it slightly and you are ready to go!

How long a TikTok username can be?

Answer: According to TikTok guidelines, it should be between 2 to 24 characters. 

How to watch TikTok videos without an App?

Here is the best method to watch TikTok videos without an app.


[GUIDE] How to Get on the “ForYou” Page on TikTok in 2020

Hello everyone, Social Media Fellow is back with another interesting answer for a very commons question, how to get on the “For you” page on TikTok?

To Get on the ForYou Page on Tiktok, create an interesting video and ask some questions or narrate them a story. In this way, they will watch the whole video and your TikTok video will be on the fyp page. Always Remember, Make Videos To Engage Audience.

Being asked so many times, I finally decided to share the algorithm that works behind the scenes and chooses the posts to show on the “For You” section. This post is a little bit in detail, so make sure to go through carefully and try to understand most of the things.

But before that, let’s talk about what is this “For You” page?

What is the “For You” Page on TikTok?

how to get on the "for you" page on TikTok

The “For You” page is the mysterious landing page that is seen when a user opens the app. This page is populated by TikTok with some dark algorithms that are only bounded inside the company.

Users can watch all the recommended videos on the “For You” page and it is similar to the Instagram Explore page. But there is one main difference. As Instagram users are greeted by the content being published by the people they are following, TikTok users are greeted in some other way.

Instead of getting content from the following, TikTok shows them other user’s content that they might like. So, TikTok keeps the following content secondary.

As this “For you” page is a great way to get more fans and likes, everyone is trying to come on this page. In order to get on the page, you simply have to apply some rules on all your posts. Let’s see what are they.

How to Get on the “ForYou” Page on TikTok?

Here are the things you need to apply in order to get on the “For You” page or FYP page on TikTok.

Watch and Observe the TikTok’s For You Page

The first thing you need to do is to observe and keep an eye on the “For You” page. Look for the type of content which is going viral and the hashtags they are using.

After observing for sometimes, write down the trending video ideas and the hashtags they are using. That’s it. Start making videos on those topics and use the same hashtags.

You will suddenly notice an increase in video likes and views. So, the basic idea behind this is:

“To create the content similar to what you see on your ‘For You’ section”.

Upload 4-5 Videos every day with the relevant hashtags

Keep your profile active with MINIMUM of 4-5 videos per day. I said minimum and there is no limit for the maximum. The reason behind this is to keeps your profile active in the eyes of TikTok and in return, they will put your videos on the “for you” page.

Here is the detailed explanation for this:

TikTok shows some batch of videos to other users through their “For You” section. If the response is good on videos, for e.g people start liking, commenting on it, TikTok makes it viral. But not all videos are being liked by everyone all the time. So, to increase the chances of getting on the “For You” page, create and post as many videos as you can.

Create Attention-Grabbing Videos

how to get on the "for you" page on TIkTok

Have you ever noticed that most of the viral or trending videos you saw on TikTok, they have something to grab your attention? These videos use the attractive title, trending music and challenges.

Just do exactly the same! Your main concern should be to figure out how to grab the user’s attention so that they watch the whole video and should not scroll down early.

Once you are able to grab the attention, TikTok will automatically see that your video watch time is increasing and they will try to send posts to more people using their “For You” page section.

Like, Share, Comment and Follow a lot!

I saw many people creating TikTok content daily, but still don’t get a good response, why? The answer is simple, they don’t engage themself in the community.

TikTok is a community and they want people to be very active. The best solution for this is to comment on other’s videos, like them, reply to comments on your videos, share them, go live more frequently, etc.

Those were the core important things you HAVE TO apply to get yourself on the “For You” page and get popular. But, there are some small things that most people forget. Let’s check them out.

Make sure to set your account to Public

This is very important! You will not get any likes and followers if your account is set to Private. Make sure to set your account to “Public” in order to get seen by people.

Also, as seen in the picture above, make sure the option “Allow others to find me” is enabled.

Use Trending Music in your Videos

Videos using trending music tend to perform a way better than other videos.

Many of you will ask this question now, how to find out which music is trending or not? The answer is simple, there are two ways to find our trending music on TikTok.

First, Observe the “For you” page videos and use the music of the videos which have the most likes. In this way, you are putting yourself in the category where there are high chances of being getting viral and famous.

Second, go to this website and check out the videos. This page has all the trending videos on TikTok. Now what? Go and grab the music and start making your own!

Use #ForYou hashtag a lot!

While browsing the Foryou page on TikTok, I realized one thing, every video on that page has #ForYou and #trending hashtag. I don’t know whether it will increase your chances of getting on to the For you” page or not, but it’s worth adding in your description.

Moreover, it is a popular and trending hashtag. So, use it as much as you can!

What happens if you get on the “For You” Page on TikTok?

Most people on the TikTok have a dream to get famous and get a lot of followers. If you are one of them, then this post would be the most important part of that dream.

You can achieve that goal by putting yourself in the category of trending videos and to do that, you have to get your content on the “For you” page so that people can see it.

You will suddenly see an increase in the number of views, likes, and fans. The main thing is to be consistent in following the above guidelines and making sure you are posting enough content in the TikTok community.

Want to know how to Change your TikTok username even before 30 days? Check this post out!

General FAQ

What does FYP mean?

Answer: “FYP” stands for “For You Page” which is a section on TikTok where people discover new videos.

Does TikTok tell you if you are on the “For You” page?

Answer: TikTok doesn’t tell you about that. The only way is to check if your video is getting an unusual amount (basically high) of likes and views.

I hope you liked this post. If yes, then make sure to share it and comment down below any suggestions if you have! 🙂


[Easy] How to Disable Comments on TikTok Videos

So, It’s been a few days since you’ve been making videos on the TikTok platform and getting a good number of views on them. But you start noticing some comments that are not relevant and you don’t know how to disable comments on your TikTok videos!

By the end of this article, you’ll know, I promise!

There could be a few cases why you want to disable comments:

  1. People are posting abusive and intolerant comments on your videos.
  2. People are scamming in your comment section. They’re either promoting their profile or doing anything similar.
  3. You think the criticism in your comment section is destructive and untrue.
  4. OR you just want to be more private.

Now, Let’s learn about how we can disable comments on TikTok videos.

  1. Launch your Tik-Tok app.
  2. Go to your Profile. This icon is present at the bottom right corner on your screen.
  3. From there, go to the 3-dot menu (…) which is present at the top right corner on the screen.
  4. Now go to the Privacy and Safety option. This will open a list of privacy and safety controls of your Tik-Tok account.

  5. Under Safety, you’ll see Who can post comments. Tap on that.
  6. Now, you’ll see three options. Click on Off.
how to disable comments on tiktok videos

This setting will ensure that no one is able to post any kind of comment on your video.

You can also choose the option friends if you want only your followers to comment on your videos.

Sometimes, you want to disable comments on a particular video. The Tik-Tok app also gives you this option.

How to disable comments on a particular TikTok video?

Follow the steps below when you upload a new video.

  1. Choose the video you want to upload.
  2. Now edit the video in a way you want to.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. After choosing your relevant hashtags, you’ll see comments off option.
  5. Turn on the toggle. This will make sure that no one comments on your video.
how to disable comments on tiktok videos

Conclusion: We saw in this article that the TikTok platform gives us options to safeguard our privacy and safety. We learned that we can delete comments on all of our videos or even a particular one.

How to Turn Off TikTok Notifications?

We know that getting notified about something is useful but can be so frustrating at times on our mobile phones. Mobile apps inform every little detail through these notifications.

Why do we hate notifications?

  • They distract us from our work.
  • The sudden flood of them freezes our device.
  • You feel irritated by useless little details.

The question here is whether we can stop all TikTok notifications or not. The answer is YES and here is how to do the same.

How to disable TikTok notifications on an Android device?

There are a few easy steps by which you can stop them from disturbing you forever.

Method 1: From Tik-Tok App

  1. Launch your app and click on your Profile menu.
  2. Now tap on the 3-dot menu(…) and go under the General menu.
  3. You’ll see the Push notifications option.
  4. Here, three options will appear.
  5. If you turn off the Fans toggle, you won’t be notified of getting new fans. If you turn off the new likes on my video, you won’t be notified of getting new likes on your videos. The third one, new comments on my video, will stop notifying you about new comments.

Like Video App

[2020] How To Delete Like App Account Permanently?

Hey reader, What’s up?

I hope you’re doing really well. 😄

Yesterday, One of my friends was trying to figure out how he could delete his Like aka Likee account.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any way to do that since there was no option available.

I researched this topic here and there and found some helpful information. If you’re looking for it, Welcome!

This post will describe how you can delete your Like account in a detailed way.

Keep reading! 😀

Update: Like Magic app has now a feature to delete Like App account.

Here’s the way.

How to Delete Like App Account?

  1. Open Like app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on your profile which is at the top left corner of your phone.
  3. Click on setting at the bottom of the page and select the “Delete account” option.
  4. Click on Next. Now you will see a Feedback form.
  5. Select the “Account Related” option and under the contact, enter your email.
  6. Under the “Issue Description”, enter “I want to delete my account due to some issues. Thanks” and hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Now you cant delete your like account. But, if this method isn’t working (as some users told me), try the steps mentioned below.

Removing your identity will make you invisible from the platform.

Even if someone searches for you, they will find everything empty white.

Steps to remove your identity from Like app.

Step 1- Start by deleting your videos.

Step No. 2- Delete your messages with others.

Step 3- Remove your personal details from the Like app.

Step 4- And you’re done. ✅

Now, It’s time to show you how to do each step one by one.

Let’s go..

How to delete videos in Like app?

  1. Open Like app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on your profile which is at the top left corner of your phone.
  3. Here you will see the “My videos” option. Tap on that.
  4. When you open any video, tap on the 3-dot menu at the top right corner.
  5. Tap delete. And tap confirm.

You can delete each of your videos by following the same steps.

Our next step is to delete all our messages with others.

How to delete your messages with others?

Follow these steps.

  1. Open Like app and log into it.
  2. Open your profile account by tapping on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. When you scroll down, you’ll see “messages” option. Tap on it.
  4. Here you will see your followers’ messages and the ones from strangers.
  5. Delete all your conversations one by one or select multiple messages and delete them.
  6. And you’re done.

After performing these two steps, Let us now remove all our personal details from the platform.

How to remove personal details from Like magic video app?

Your personal details are available in your profile section. When you go to your profile, do these steps.

  1. Tap on your profile photo just above your ID.
  2. Tap edit option.
  3. Remove your Name, Gender, Birthday, Hometown, Like ID, Bio, Education, and Career.
  4. There are certain details that can not be left blank. So, just replace them with any random words.
  5. You’re done. ✅

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In this post, we have seen that the Like app does give any option to delete your account.

But Still many users are facing the issue and aren’t able to delete the account.

I’ve shown you completely how you can remove your identity from the app.

There are three steps involved which are removing your videos, then removing your conversations with others and then changing/removing all personal details from the app.

Like Video App

How To Get Verified On Like Magic Video App?

After Instagram, there is a huge hype created by video editing apps.

Every enthusiast who posts videos on these apps wants to get verified on these apps.

Getting verified increases your authenticity on a platform and helps you gain exposure as well! Plus, including the pride of boasting about it in your friend circle.

This post is a complete step by step guide on how you can get a verification badge on the Like app with these easy steps.

Keep Reading!😀 

What does verification badge mean actually?

A verification badge is a ”tick” or a ”check” which appears next to your Like App username. It confirms that you’re authentic and your profile is originally representing you.

Also, it becomes easier for your audience to find you!

Two Types Of Badges

There are two types of verification badges offered by the Like App.

1. Individual Verification

This is used for individual people who are public figures, famous internet stars, Industry experts, reviewers, doctors, Youtubers, etc.

The color of this badge is yellow.

Here’s a photo of it.

2. Organization Badge

These badges are given to a group of different people working together. The businesses, institutions, media agencies, companies, charities, etc.

The color of this Badge is blue.

Here’s a photo of it.

How To Apply For Individual Verification Badge?

It is really easy to apply for an individual verification badge.

  • Open Like the app and log into your account.
  • Go to your profile at the left top of the screen.
  • Scroll down and you will get the ”Verification application” option. Tap on it.
  • Fill in all the conditions and you will be eligible for verification.

So, what are those conditions?

  1. Complete personal information:- You need to enter your name, Gender, Career, Education and other personal information.
  2. Next, you need to link your mobile number with your Like app account.
  3. You must have at least 3 original videos published already before applying.
  4. You should have over 10k followers on Like or any other social platform.

How To Apply For Organization Badge?

If you’re a company or an organization seeking verification, there’s a different way to do so.

You need to contact the Like team personally at an email and ask them for verification.

By doing so, they will review your application and start their process of verification.

How to increase your chances to get verified?

Getting a verification badge requires you to have a great fan base and your videos should be highly liked.

If your videos are featured in the popular section for a handful number of hashtags, you have a great chance of getting a verification badge.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can get verified on Like app:

Look up the “Popular” section– All the videos which have been liked a lot are put in the popular section.

Observe how these videos are being made. Find out which topics are in the trend, and make videos around them.

See how long these videos are and try to make your videos around that length.

I mean you get the point. If you look at the popular videos, you’ll find some patterns that make them reach more and more people.

Try to bring that factor into your videos!

Stop fooling the community- Some people copy popular videos of others and re-upload them to their own account to get views. This is a wrong practice.

What you want to do is to bring your original videos on your profile. Like app team notices if you’re doing these tricks with them.

Like app team appreciates your authenticity if your videos are not perfect. Don’t worry, just be original in your videos.

So, stop fooling the community!

Entertain people uniquely- The purpose of the Like app community is to entertain each other. So, explore your talents and showcase them.

Try to bring it in an entertaining way. This way, you will have more fans.

Choose the right hashtags-

Hashtags play a vital role in taking your videos to a lot of audiences.

One thing to notice is that you should not use too many hashtags in your videos. That makes it look spammy.

Only use hashtags that are related to your content. Use 4-7 relevant hashtags.

There would be certain hashtags that will be trending at the moment. Find those hashtags and put them in your videos.

One little advice that I’d like to share with you is that avoid using over-saturated hashtags. These hashtags are the ones that have been used for a lot more time than they should’ve been.

These hashtags don’t provide good engagement.

Make Quality Content-

The videos you post should be quality rich. If your videos stand out, they will get featured and will earn you a good number of fans. There are some tips that you’d like related to this.

  1. Use a tripod stand for stillness in your videos. When your videos shake in-between, the quality of the videos reduce. Hence, buy a tripod stand if you want to.
  2. Use a really good camera to make your videos. The phone cameras’ inexpensive mobile phones are well enough to make awesome videos. But if you are serious enough, you can invest in a good camera.
  3. Make vertical videos only. As, Like app users scroll down vertically, it is easier for the users to watch your videos and move to the next one.

Have A Fixed Schedule- Your post frequency plays a good role in the evaluation of your profile for verification. Furthermore, it signals your interest in the community.

If you’re posting on a consistent basis, you have a great chance of being viral. Make a plan and stick to it. Whether you choose to post daily or 2 times a week, stay consistent.

Engage With Famous People- Your aim should be to engage with people who have more fans than you. You can learn from them how they think about making videos.

You can request them to mention your username in their videos. If they’re kind enough, they will give you the shoutout.

This can give a huge boost to your fan base as you will be visible to their fans. They can discover you, see your work and may follow you.

Two More..

Get Publicity For Your Brand- On Instagram, getting press for your brand means reaching out to people to be noticed. This increases your exposure and increases your credibility among people.

On Like app, you can get ask out the media channels to give you attention.

Find out which brands are very popular in your niche and go to them for publicity.

It may cost some money but will result in exponential growth for your account.

There are many entertainment media agencies and channels that are in the business of making brands and public figures famous.

Link to your other social platforms- Like team measures your followers on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, WeChat, VK, Weibo, QQ and others.

It is a great parameter to classify you as a reputable brand or personality. This seems legit because they can not give the badge to someone whom nobody knows.

Therefore, If you have a loyal following on any other platform, you can link that account with the Like account to help the team to verify you.

I’ve done some research over this and found out that if you don’t have a massive following on Like app but you’re known on other platforms, you will get the verification badge.

For example, if you are verified on Youtube or have a great following over there, you’ll be verified on the Like app when you make your profile.

An additional benefit of linking your account is that it enhances your security. It protects you in case someone tries to interfere in your account.

Why is the verification badge important?

Protects you from copycats- The amazing benefit of a verified profile is that you’re free from people copying your name.

Often, some dudes make accounts in the name of the famous people to gain attention and later on rename it to their name.

Hence, others can not steal your content if you’re verified.

Differentiates you from fan pages- If you’re a public figure or a celebrity, you’ll have fan pages with the same name as yours ( or with some modifications). This would confuse your audience.

Hence, when they see that tick ✅ on your profile, they will identify you without any confusion.

Increase in brand value- Whether you’re a company or a public figure, a verification badge is a big deal as it separates you from a million other profiles.

It’s a fact that people tend to follow you more likely if they see that “check” next to your name.

Furthermore, your fans see trust and brand power in you.

Get business- You know how influential people and public figures earn on social platforms?

The simple answer is that they promote other businesses.

Let me give you some examples-

A headphones brand “Mivi digital” used the youtube channel of famous Indian Youtubers like BB ki vines and Carryminati to promote their products.

In no time, they got big brand awareness and eventually more sales!

Now you get some idea.

If you’re followed by an audience and are verified, you have the power to endorse the products and services of other companies related to your content.

In the process, you’re paid 💰

Like Video App

Can we download Like app in Jio phone? Alternatives to Like App

A lot of people ask this question. This question is most asked by people who use feature phones.

Can I Download and use Like video app in my Jio Phone?

There is only one answer to that question. The answer is a bit discouraging but don’t worry, I have a solution for you.

Unfortunately, Jio Phone does not support the Like app. Hence, you can not download and install the Like app in Jio Phone.

There is a reason why the Jio Phone does not support Like magic video app. The Jio Phone has KaiOS operating system.

The KaiOS only supports the applications for feature phones and do not support play store and app store applications.

Moreover, The Like app requires your device to have touch capability. Jio Phone does not have a touch interface. It has a keyboard button interface.

A little bit more to know…

Jio phone’s operating system is forked from the successor of the Firefox operating system. Many features have been cut off from the original version to make it compatible with the Jio phone.

Hence, only HTML-5 applications can run on the Jio phone which is why it does not support android apps. HTML-5 applications include web browsers etc. Jio phone also doesn’t support TikTok. But you still can watch TikTok videos without an app.

Then, How can I watch Like app videos Jio Phone?

Well, it is clear that you can not download or install like app in your Jio Phone. However, you can watch videos in other ways.

Here it is…

  1. Watch On Youtube: You can go over to You-tube and type in various keywords like
  • Like app videos
  • Best Like app videos
  • Like app videos 2020
  • Most popular like app videos
  • Funny like app videos
  • Viral like app videos

You will see many different results and enjoy watching these videos.

OR, there is one alternative to LIKE APP WHICH IS VMATE APP. VMate application is similar to Like magic video app. It is a short video sharing platform. So if you are Like App fan or TikTok fan, download it right now on your Jio Phone. Here are the steps on how to install VMate on a Jio Phone.

How to install the VMate app on Jio Phone?

  1. Open the Menu in your Jio Phone and Go to KaiOS App Store.
  2. Search for VMate and you will see it under the Entertainment section.
  3. Click on it and hit install or download.

That’s it, you have successfully installed Vmate in Jio Phone which is a good alternative to Like App.

Is Instagram Available On Jio Phone?

Unfortunately, Instagram is not available on the Jio phone because of the incompatibility of the KaiOS with the Instagram application.

Instagram is only available on iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10.

A website interface is also there for desktop users but it has limited features only. For example, you can not upload any media (photos and videos) on the website version.

The application was originally made for the iOS devices but later on, all other devices started supporting the app.

Well, despite this fact, you can still use Instagram on Jio phone

I’ll show you how to use Instagram in Jio phone.

  1. Open your browser in Jio phone and go to
  2. Sign up to make a new account or log in with your existing account.
  3. Your account will open and you’ll be able to use it.

Since Jio phone is a feature phone, therefore you’ll be only able to use certain features like scrolling through your feed and watching stories of your friends.

So, for the original question, Jio phone doesn’t support Like magic video app right now. But, you can go to youtube (Which is available on Jio phone) and search for “Latest Like Videos” or “Like Magic videos 2020”.

That’s it for this blog post. I hope you find this article worth your time. See you next time!

Like Video App

What is Like Magic Video App? – Complete Guide in 2020

What is Like App?

In 2019, the video making and editing stuff have reached a whole new level! There have been several apps that have changed the way people share video content. Here’s another app that has done the same.

Like app is a video creation and editing app that allows you to create music videos of your own and post them to the world. It is similar to other video streaming apps like Tik-Tok.

You can add a lot of custom effects to the videos to make them attractive and add a unique touch!

The app was launched in August of 2017 and it is developed by BIGO Technology PTE Ltd.

How many languages does the Like App run in?

The Like app comes with a vast language capability. As of 2019, the Like app is available in 23 Languages on both the iOS and Android app stores.

  • List of languages:
    English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Filipino, Indonesia, 日本の, 한국의, Malay, Português, Pусский, Español, ไทย, Türk dili, Tiếng việt, 简体中文, 繁體中

The main audience interest of Like app is from India. Hence, the team is geared towards making the app more related to the Indians.

Here’s what the spokesperson Mr. Aaron Wei quoted about India,

With India being the youngest nation of this world where the youth is so much in love with dance, music and colors, LIKE intends to create a community of common people who find happiness in entertainment and socializing.”

He further added that “currently LIKE is focusing on building an entertaining online community for the talented users. We aim to become the biggest online video community in India where youths can create amazing and inspiring content.

There are many features that the Like app offers. From 3-D effects in videos to clicking selfies with beauty effects, let us discuss one by one.

Features of Like app:

So as the team officially says in their own description of the app, it has these features available for the users:

Special effects: The Like app offers more than 300+ special effects that you can use in your video creation.

As the website says, Sci-Fi 3D Magic effects can easily produce visuals like vanishing and reappearing, zooming or flying out of the frame.

Rendering effects without even being present in the frame and many more.

These effects boost the entertainment quotient of the video editing experience as well as becomes a visual delight for the viewers. This is the reason that several celebrities are using it actively to one-up their image of a performer.

Not only this, the app users are being given the opportunity to dance or perform to meet their creative challenges on the app.

Examples of such effects are: Superpower, Flying, Time-travel, Lilliput etc.

What are Sci-fi effects?

Sci-fi is short for science fiction. These effects are based on imaginary scientific advances and predictions about the future.

Unique Music Magic filter: The recognition of music rhythm, is shown according to the change of tone, intonation and volume.

Using this filter, you can mix music and magic effect together smoothly.

Acting & Lip-sync: Like app gives you a feature of acting in a video. You can act on a dialogue of a movie played in the background. It has a vast library of dialogues of the movies.

4-D magic around the world:

The body edge recognition function gives you different effects such as Rocket, Pass-Through.

What’s more, you can switch into different scene smoothly with more than 20 kinds of appear and disappear effect.

Magic Touch feature: Over 50 funny magic effects including Heart, Fire, Rain, work smoothly and make your videos completely perfect!

Face Stickers: Cute, beautiful, cool, ugly, magical, elegant, funny, etc. No matter what kind of style you want, you can get it with LIKE face stickers in 1 second.

Bloom, My Heart, Spit Fire and so on funny dynamic stickers can make your selfie attractive.

Magic Live: The world’s first Magic Live can give you a brand-new magical experience! With enriched fans interaction functions, you can prank or beautify the Live vlogger as your wish. There are more gift option for you to stand out from the crowd.

Other cool effect features:

Boom effects: Exciting Boom effects enable you to make videos just like in Hollywood War movies! You will be the superhero in 1 second the moment you use the Boom effects!

Mix Effects: Mix effects including Soul-stuff, Blurred lines, Heartbeat better than Special effects movies are coming!

The moment you use the Mix effects, your video becomes powerful eye-shocking! With the Mix effects, you can make videos faster and better!

AI beauty filters: Smart Beauty functions together with various filters automatically makes you perfect in the video!


Like App is a great way to start creating your own social presence. This is a new platform and it has more potential and chances for you to grow and reach 1 million followers easily if you remain consistent.

Like App is promoting itself through various YouTube channels including BBKiVines and Ashish Chanclani. So, get up and start making your own Like App videos!

Don’t forget to share this article and make sure to bookmark our website to keep updated.