How to Easily Delete ShareChat Account Permanently In 2020

Hi fellow Indians, hope you’re well. Social Media fellow is back with another post. This post is related to ShareChat app. One of the most asked question is how to delete ShareChat app account? Here, I got a solution for you.

To delete ShareChat app account, go to Settings > Privacy Setting and Tap on “Remove Profile”. This way you can easily delete ShareChat app account.

A friend of mine was finding it difficult to delete his account from ShareChat app. I did it for him and thought about writing a blog post in case anyone else needs. The detail explanation of it is below.

Here are simple steps to delete ShareChat account:

  1. Open ShareChat app and go to to your profile.
  2. Now go to “Settings” tab which is present at the top right corner.
  3. Go to privacy settings. After that, tap on remove profile.
  4. Now Enter your mobile number in the box.
  5. And you’re done.

This method is tested and a working method. You don’t need to send any emails to the ShareChat. It’s very simple process.